I help people create a LifePlan for their personal, community, faith, family, and vocational life domain. 

Are you asking life hard questions? Are you searching for answers?

In the searching for answers, we pursue mentors and respected people known for their wisdom. Time is spent looking for added insight into our life calling. We converse with people differently. We read to discover. Our prayers are filled with questions craving deeper insight and answers. In our searching, we begin to discover and face the truth about where we are, where we want to go, and how we’ll get there. Here we discover imbalances, misappropriated energy and talent, and identify what really matters and what doesn’t.

What's a LifePlan? 

CEOs have business plans. Trainers have workout plans. Authors have outlines. You don’t get from where you are now to where you want to be just by thinking about it. When you get intentional about your life, you change it.

A LifePlan is a facilitated journey that helps you discover your unique purpose. Along the way, you’ll gain clarity on where you are, where you want to be, and the key next steps to get there. LifePlan is a roadmap for your life.

The Lifeplan process answers the questions of Who am I? What am I called to do? What are the right next steps to get there?


How it works?

I created the Blueprint LifePlan program as a self-guided curriculum. It includes a workbook, videos explaining each segment, a self-assessment test, and an accountability group. It includes a membership group offers an exclusive opportunity to connect with like-minded people. Ask questions, receive support, and network with inspired individuals who have big plans, just like you.

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"Looking back at my journals from 2018 and so many things from my LifePlan have been answered!! Not all in the ways I thought they would but God showed up that weekend during our lifeplan session!!! Just wanted to say thanks again for taking the time. The work you’re doing is making an impact."

Jenn O.
Event Planner

"This course provided clarity for me in the past, present and future in ways I couldn't have done on my own. With the past, themes were revealed which showed me how to guard my emotional and spiritual health, going forward. With the present, I saw that doing or not doing certain actions are necessary for my spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing and are essentially required for me to worship the Lord with my whole being. With the future, through the building blocks of each worksheet and project within the course, I saw clearly which tasks I find the most joy and fulfillment in and how my skills are most amplified in certain vocations. Overall I walked away with a career path I never would've realized on my own and it couldn't have been revealed in a more perfect way."

Former U.S. Congressional Staffer

Frequently Asked Questions

LifePlan is a facilitated journey that helps you discover your unique purpose. Along the way, you’ll gain clarity on where you are, where you want to be, and the key next steps to get there. LifePlan is a roadmap for your life. Every one of us, at one time or another, asks deep, foundational questions about identity, vocation and purpose:

Who am I? What am I called to do? What are the right next steps to get there?

Many of us try to answer those questions with personality assessments, skills inventories, and conversations with close friends and mentors. Those can be helpful starting points, but the biggest questions of life deserve an intentional, integrated process led by a lifeplan facilitator. You'll begin by discovering where you truly and clarity about where you want to go. Finally, you'll create an action plan with tangible next steps, designed to help you make your greatest impact.

The Blueprint LifePlan course is online and consists of training videos, tools, workbook assignments, live Q&A calls and a Facebook community. You complete it online, on your own time.

It’s an online course with a PDF workbook, live Q&A calls and a community of individuals seeking clarity on where they are going in life.

This process is for those looking for a deeper purpose for their future at any age or phase in their lives. 

You watch the videos, complete the workbook, ask questions in the Facebook group or on the live Q&A weekly calls, follow the process, and get results.

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Yes, the LifePlan session is a full two-day process. Please contact me to learn more. 

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